People Are Our Greatest Strength

Contributed by Phil Clough, Engineering Manager. My intent going into this blog post was to talk about where I started at Altec, how Altec helped me grow as a person, and what I think an “outsider” should know about Altec. As the thoughts flowed from brain to keyboard, it took on a slightly different direction, but I think I fulfilled the purpose. Putting this on paper has caused me to once again realize how special of an organization Altec continues to be. So, grab yourself a drink and find a comfy chair. When I first came to Altec almost 15 years ago I was just getting started in my career. I was your stereotypical antisocial B-average mechanical engineer fresh out of college. Through high school and college, I had worked jobs in landscaping, dishwashing, inbound and outbound phone sales, auto parts sales, professional auto repair, and an internship in quality engineering. I thought I had the world figured out. But the environment at Altec was something I had never seen or experi

My View Every Morning

Contributed by Katherine Crane, Manufacturing Engineer. Feeling so blessed to have been given the privilege to live in such a constantly beautiful place. I was born and raised in the Denver area and every time I see the mountains, they take my breath away.

Tool Organization for The Large Line

Contributed by Will Fitzpatrick. Altec AIR recently completed a project in the Large Line assembly area involving the reorganization of resources, with the purpose of creating a more steady flow of the overall production processes and eliminating waste.